The miracle of the Umrah packages 2019


Umrah is the spiritual journey that is undertaken by many Muslims to Makkah.  Umrah is also known as the ‘lesser pilgrimage’ or ‘minor pilgrimage’ when it is compared to the main pilgrimage Hajj. We know hajj has great importance because it is the fifth pillar of Islam. Although Umrah has lesser importance in the comparison of Hajj, Umrah contains great rewards for those who perform it.  Because the performance of Umrah is the Sunnah of the Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

Umrah being a minor or lesser pilgrimage can be performed by the Muslims at any time of the year. Hence, Umrah is performing by many Muslims across the globe world with high regard. In order to offer Umrah with all required and necessary facilities, we have the best umrah packages 2019. You can see now a day there are many tour operators and travel companies in the United Kingdom. They pretended like that they have great Umrah packages for the pilgrims at different rates. They show that they also have the availability of Umrah packages that includes all facilities. When you are searching for the package must find the right travel company or agent.

Just choose the best Umrah packages:

When you are booking an Umrah package you must see the details about the stay in Haram to perform Umrah. Because the longer your longer stay in Makkah would be costly. So before booking your packages conform even all the minor details along with the numbers of days offered. When you are checking the number of days for the stay, you must be seeing other facilities that package holds. If you want to make your stay Comfortable, memorable, fresh, and easy in Makkah then it is important to choose Umrah packages 2019 by the Al-Hijaz Tours wisely. We have 4-star Ramadan Packages, and 5-star Ramadan Umrah Packages.

You can select a famous traveling company who definitely has educated and expert travel agents to suggest you the best Umrah package 2019 for you. If you are interested in offering Umrah, then book a package. You choose an agent who will help you a lot in every possible way.  If anyhow, anywhere you face any sort of trouble you surely be having someone on your back for your help.

Make sure you reserve Umrah Packages in advance:

The Booking of an Umrah package in advance can be very beneficial. Because there are many traveling agencies give many attractive offers to the customers in the name of advance booking. So you must try to look for the agency that offers amazing deals and reasonable Umrah packages. Reserving your Umrah package through an agency can be very cooperative as they understand your requirements.  The agents of the company suggest and guide you to find the best package according to your needs and budget. We have the affordable Umrah Packages 2019 for the Muslims of the United Kingdom to once perform Umrah in their lives.


Achieve blessing from Allah through 21 days Hajj packages 2019


Zil Hajj that is known as holy month is approaching near and we can see that more Muslims visiting Hajj services agents for the booking of Hajj.  They all are visiting the agents and agencies in search of a suitable reliable Hajj package. Hajj packages which could provide them maximum facilities and relief during their spiritual visit to Makkah and Madina. So, for attaining maximum comfort and affordable package peoples are searching out for the different agencies. All of the agents show the pilgrims different dreams with open eyes which have no reality in real life and can’t be fulfilled by the agents. We believe only those promises can be fulfilled by any agency which is made in the world of reality and possibility. So, pilgrims should not trust these different deals with closed eyes and they must confirm about these deals from someone else.

Al-Hijaz is the name of belief and trust in the United Kingdom. We are known for our greatly competitive, budget and the 5-star hajj packages 2019. We offer you different categories of Hajj package and cheapest packages for Hajj. We are comprised keeping in mind the residents of United Kingdom. Our company has a network around major cities in the United Kingdom including London, Manchester, and Birmingham. We are offering you affordable 27-days hajj package 2019. Al-Hijaz is your solution house. You can choose your perfect hajj package 2019 with us.

Al-Hijaz Tours is an agency with experience of years in serving the aspirants for Hajj and Umrah and we are proudly introducing its Hajj Packages. The beauty of all these packages is that these are designed for all. That is the reason these packages more existing and lovable by all the customers. The Hajj is performed only once in a year. That is the reason the number of people who want to avail the package has usually exceeded the limit that is provided to each agency. So we advised you to avail this package as soon as possible. The 27-days Hajj Package offers 5-Star hotel accommodation and the facilities. It is the responsibility of the 5-star hotels to provide you the facility of transfers to the Haram as by law. This is the part of the package.

Hajj is a Holy journey towards Allah Almighty which tends to change everything in life. Hajj performance once in life is a duty of Muslims towards Allah Almighty. It is the bound duty for the Muslims to complete the Hajj for Allah Almighty. It is the bound duty for adult Muslims if they are financially able. Performance of Hajj in 2019 has become very easy as far as a financial concern. Because of the hundreds and thousands of the travel agents. Hajj is able to get extremely budget 27-days Hajj package 2019. Now you can avail all facilities through Al-Hijaz Tours and can enjoy your tours. Our experienced staff has arranged all facilities for you.

Perform Hajj 2019 according to your days


The first day of Hajj is starting from the circling the “Kaaba” beautiful and cube shape that known as the home of Allah. That is a very blessing place for all Muslims. The hajj conventionally originates in Makkah, with a minor “Umrah” pilgrimage which can be performed once in the year. To accomplish the Umrah, Muslims around the Kaaba anti-clockwise seven times while reciting prayers to Allah then walk between Safa and Marwah the two hills covered by Hazrat Hagar. Makkah Splendid Mosque, the world’s prime, covers the Kaaba and the two mountains. Earlier direction to Makkah, many pilgrims stay the city of Medina, the place where the Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is buried and the first mosque built by Him. In 27 days Hajj packages you can perform all manasik of Hajj easily and can perform many prayers in Makkah and Medina.

The second day later spending the night in the beautiful valley of Mina, the pilgrims go to Arafat for the peak of the pilgrimage. They visit the Jabal al-Rahma that is a hill, or Peak of Kindness. Jabal al-Rahma is the peak where Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) addresses with peoples in his final speech in which He describes the equality and unity of Muslims. He repeated his admirers the rights of women’s and asked that the property and life of every Muslim is the blessing and scared for others.

About the sunset, pilgrims reached to Muzdalifa that is ahead 9 kilometers west of Arafat. Some people prefer to walk for going to Muzdalifa and other people use buses for traveling. Pilgrims stay in Muzdalifa for one night and collect the stones that thrown on devil after come back in Mina, Muslims believes that devil wants to talk against the will of Allah with the Ibrahim.

At the last three days of Hajj three events performed by the pilgrims last circling around the Kaaba, forming stones in Mina and then removing the pilgrims Ihram. Men then shaved their heads.

The last day of Hajj known as Eid al-Adha, that is celebrated all around the world by the Muslims as the event of sacrifices in the memorialize Ibrahim’s test of belief. At Eid, al-Adha Muslims sacrifice the animals and divided the meat between all.

27 days Hajj package from Al-Hijaz Tours

27 days Hajj package is the package that is not too much costly; it can be affordable by everyone easily.

We will provide you Hyatt Regency in Makkah that is the 5-star residence in Makkah for your relaxation and comfort. In Medina, the coral Medina hotel is available for you.

In 27 days Hajj package you can visit the other Holy places that are not involved in Hajj Manasik, but compulsory for your faith and love with these Holy places. We just perform Hajj once in the year and mostly once in life, so make beautiful memories at Makkah and Medina without any worries with us.

Hurry up! Select the package and fulfill your desire in the blessing of Allah.

Blessings Of Umrah | Get The 4 Star Umrah Packages


All the religious rituals in Islam are very important and have many blessings for the Muslims. Umrah is the Sunnah of our Prophet (SAW) and He (SAW) performed Umrah in his life. It is an important and full of blessings journey that Muslims perform. The blessings of Umrah are not countable and people who go on Umrah feel very important because Allah gives them a chance to visit His House. If you want to go on Umrah then you can take the 5 star Umrah packages from Al-Hijaz travel agency. Umrah is the best time for seeking the love, attention, and blessings of Allah. Umrah is performed throughout the year because people have a great desire and gratitude to achieve the love of Allah.

It is a spiritual journey because when people visit the house of Allah they feel a very deep peace in their mind and souls. The blessings of Umrah starts from the time when a person decides to go on Umrah and these blessings continue till the return. There are many rituals of Umrah that you have to perform during your journey. It is important to get to know about the rituals of Umrah before going on this scared journey otherwise you will not be able to perform them in a good way.

These are the things that you have to do during your journey.

It depends on the days that you are going for Umrah so you can take the 5 star Umrah packages from AL-Hijaz travel agency for getting complete information about the rituals of Umrah. You have to recite the Talbiyah at the Miqat station for declaring your intention for doing Umrah. The first thing you have to do is to wear the Ihram for purity and devotion by taking a bath or washing your body with water and then wear Ihram clothes. Now, you have to travel to Makkah and enter Haram and perform your first Tawaf. Tawaf is the circling around the holy Kabbah which is done by 7 times in a counterclockwise direction. Now perform the Sa’ay that is walking 7 times between the hills of Marwa and Safa. At the end of the Umrah, men will remove the Ihram by shaving their hair and beard. Women will also cut a lock of their hair for the completion of Umrah.

You must also visit the historical places to get to know about the life of our Prophet (SAW) to know where He spent his initial days of life. You can also visit the places in Medina where He (SAW) spent the last days of his life. It is necessary to visit these places otherwise you will regret why you have not visited them after going so close. It is possible that many people not visit these places because they have no information about them.  You can take the Umrah package from Al-Hijaz agency and they will offer you the best 5 start Umrah packages according to your budget.

Avail High Quality Hajj Packages If You Live In Birmingham By Alhijaz Tours


Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam as mentioned in Hadith. The essence of Hajj is praising Allah Almighty with other Muslims gathered in the house of Allah. This praising is called as talmih in Islam and is comprised of unique words which highlight the oneness of Allah Almighty. Also, every Muslim has to offer the Sunnah of Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) Alyhe Salam and Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. Allah SubhanaWaTa’la has bestowed the Ummah of his Beloved Peace Be Upon Him with the countless opportunities and chances of forgiveness; Hajj is one of them. If you reside in Birmingham or any part of the UK then you can avail Hajj Packages offered by Alhijaz Tours.
The Hajj package has flexible payment options and even you can pay in installments too. This all makes the Hajj very much convenient for everyone. The facilities offered are basically provided on the basis of the hotel quality or room luxuries. So, now you can control your expenses for the first time ever. The other great thing about this package is that your accommodation would be provided in top hotels in Saudi Arabia. So, you can expect high levels of hospitality during this spiritual visit. Your Hajj offered with us will always be in your good memories. The other thing about 5 star Hajj Packages 2019 is that we provide two-way air tickets which highlight us.
Alhijaz Tours is serving the customers for many years and has attained a respectable position by providing quality services in Hajj and Umrah tourism industry. The reliability of our services can be predicted by the years we have spent with satisfactory results. The purpose of telling you about this is that you can inquire about us as we have a large number of satisfied customers. The quality standards we have set are now followed by other agencies as well. We are thankful to Allah Almighty who has blessed us with such a high rank in the eyes of our customers. We will be privileged if you suggest us to make this process even better. The world is has entered to knowledge era and knowledge about everything is on your hands. You can search through search engines and inquire about our Hajj Package from Birmingham at any time.
Furthermore, if you have questions on your mind you are always welcomed by our support staff. You can ask questions via phone or visit our office and meet our team as well. Our services will amaze you in your spiritual visit and make you happy during your Hajj. Make memories on the sacred soil with us. We will not leave you alone at the hour of need as we are at your service all the time during your stay in Makkah and Madinah. See those streets where Beloved of Allah Almighty, Ahlebait and his companions had used to walk. All this journey is the journey to seek forgiveness and blessings.

Book matchless deals of Umrah packages without flights

AL-HIJAZ 02-06-2019 ( 2 )Are you planning to perform your religious act Umrah and collect the blessings of Allah Almighty by going to the most sacred Cities of Makah and Madina with your friends and family? Alhijaz tours is the place which offers you a chance to travel the house of Allah with its amazing offers of holy services. We are offering you the best range of Umrah packages without flights. All Muslims from all sides of the world come to complete the worship of this act to get an opportunity to see the Mosques of ALLAH & perform beautiful Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) and drink the most amazing blessing Zamzam water. As everyone knows that Hajj is to be done throughout the specified time of the last month of Islamic year however the interesting point is that minor pilgrimage can be performed at any time throughout the year whenever you want to perform. Enjoy your time with our unbelievable services and facilities that we offer to the Muslim community of UK.
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Go For Hajj In Most Economical Low Cost Hajj Packages 2019

al-hijaz01-23-201928429Perform The Most Blessed Act Of Hajj In Most Comfortable Way:
Hajj is the religious reverence that is obligatory for every Muslim who possesses sufficient health and fitness and wealth as well. Although it is the mandatory religious reverence for all of us it serves as a blessing for all the Muslims. It is one practice that puts the person in the state of ecstasy and takes all the tensions away. When you see the holy Ka’aba the place which is supposed to be God’s home, you realize that there is universal power existing and taking care of you. You put all your worries aside and start trusting Allah Almighty even more. Besides this hajj is also the most effective way of getting the forgiveness of Allah. The observance of this particular act specifically makes you sin free. It is doubtlessly the dream of each and every Muslim to be able to perform this holy task. Muslim people spent all their lives striving hard so that they could see the holy Ka’aba and perform a holy task. Our low cost hajj packages 2019 are certainly the most economical packages that are specifically designed for the people who cannot go for other packages.
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